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Finally, A Community And Support Network That Gives You High Probability, Professional Trade Setups While Simultaneously Helping You Build Your Knowledge And Expertise Trading The Forex Market.

"I've had the absolute best days of trading these past few days than I ever had and it was only from one currency pair!! My outlook has completely changed. I'm a more patient, relaxed trader and I owe that to our teachers Mr. Marvin and Mr. Melvin Perry ... Gentlemen, thank you for all that you do to give to us the ability to gain financial freedom and also teaching us a very powerful skill set. I appreciate the both of you. Thank You!!"

- Darrell Collier


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Trade Setups & Alerts

Receive our high probability trade Alerts via SMS Text Messaging! There's no need to master our system in order to make huge returns. Start growing your account immediately with these trade opportunities!

Weekly Outlook Videos

Watch our Forex weekly outlook or preview videos. Every weekend, we will provide a detailed and insightful video of multiple trade scenarios in a plethora of assets and currency pairs.

Monthly Training Vault

Watch our Monthly Trading Tutorials where you will learn the essential components for professional FX trading, how to mitigate risk, and strategies for earning money in the FX Market. NEW Training Videos added each month!

Live Webinar Training

Join our Live Webinar Training scheduled 3 days every week and learn how we analyze the market and execute trades in real time. Don't worry about missing a webinar session. All webinars are recorded.

Homework, Quizzes, & Exams

Each Training Module will include homework and quizzes to enhance your trading education, and ensure that you are learning all of the concepts before moving forward in the monthly curriculum. Exams are optional and will be given every two months.

Trading Video Archive

Visit the archive to watch our short live trading videos. Learn how we execute trades in the market and manage our positions, while limiting risk. Unlike other training programs, we will include all of our good and bad trade entries. All trades are recorded & archived.

Trading Toolbox

This section will provide our members with a plethora of free resources and tools that will enhance their trade analysis, as well as assist them in various market research & quantitative studies. Resources for Pre-Trade & Post-Trade Analysis.

"The Lab" Community Forum

Our Member's Only Forum is where you can connect with members of this community to ask questions, receive advice and learn from a variety of professional traders on topics related to currency trading. You can also start your own Freedom Trading Journal to chronicle your trade ideas, and post potential trade setups for the community.

Premium Spreadsheets & Reports

The capability to track your trading results and measure your performance is a key component to developing a profitable trading business. In this section, you will be offered a collection of spreadsheets and reports that you can use to calculate your trade efficacy, and use this data to make adjustments. Resources for Pre-Trade & Post-Trade Analysis.

24 Hour Customer Support

We want to ensure that your overall experience in our community is simple and satisfactory. As a member of this community, you will have access to 24 Hour Customer Support, where all of your trade-related questions, and technical problems can be answered or resolved, with little delay. You will also be able to call us directly, and speak to a representative. 

We have developed a comprehensive training program that will teach you how to trade currencies the right way, and simultaneously help you generate trading income by alerting you to some of the exact trades we are executing in the Forex Market, in real-time. You can gain access to all of this information & training for simply $1!

​If you purchase now, your trial will end on ​​Saturday, May 16, 2020.

Read What Members Are Saying

I've had the absolute best days of trading...

"I've had the absolute best days of trading these past few days than I ever had and it was only in one currency pair!! My outlook has completely changed. I'm a more patient, relaxed trader and I owe that to our teachers Mr. Marvin and Mr. Melvin Perry ... Gentlemen, thank you for all that you do to give to us the ability to gain financial freedom and also teaching us a very powerful skill set. I appreciate the both of you. Thank You!!"

DARRELL COLLIER  //  Surgical Technician - Pascagoula, MS

Their help desk answered all of my questions...

"Over the last 25 years, I have traded both full-time and part-time. But, the one thing that I've always failed to do was to make consistent profits. I would have some winners. And then, I would have some losers. And it just wasn't enough to make a full-time living on. As soon as I joined the Forex Anatomy community, their help desk was able to answer all of my questions quickly. I was able to adjust my way of looking at the market and use their trading model to make money consistently."

DANIEL JOSLIN  //  Business Owner  - Connecticut

You have opened my mind to endless possibilities...

"This is Terry Lemoigne and I just want to drop you a quick note here and say thank you for providing such a wonderful trading community. You have opened my mind to the endless possibilities in the forex market. As a former commodities broker, I figured that I pretty much knew a lot about forex. Boy, was I wrong! With your instruction and guidance, I finally understand how the whole market works and how to profit within it. So, I look forward to working with you over the next several years. And thank you so much for providing such a wonderful course and signaling service."

TERRY LEMOIGNE  //  Retired - Sedona, Arizona

The best decision I’ve ever made!!...

"I've been trading for a little over two years, but have only been a part of this group for about half that time. I am absolutely convinced that joining this group was the best decision I’ve ever made!! Marvin and Melvin are professionals, with many years of knowledge and experience, and they are excellent coaches!! If you want to learn how to trade properly, The Forex Anatomy Lab is where you want to be!!!"

BRIAN WILLIAMS  //  Self-Employed - Schererville, IN

They actually show everything to us!...

"I've known Marvin and Melvin for years, and what I really love about them is their complete honesty & transparency during the live trading webinars. I love how we get to watch them both lose and gain in real-time and that they hold nothing back from their students. They actually show everything to us!"

PEGGY VALLECILLO  //  Yoga Instructor - Annapolis Junction, MD

I have seen a vast improvement...

"After absorbing the information and with intensive studying, I have seen a vast improvement in my trading. I'm now performing my own analysis, and executing trades have become exhilarating. These 2 young trailblazers have the key components to enhancing your personal skills to make you an independent trader. I would definitely recommend Forex Anatomy to any fellow traders looking to gain further insight on making profitable trades. Thanks for all that you do!"

TOMMIE TOLLIVER  //  Real Estate -  Orland Park, IL

​Expand Your Trading Expertise With Our Tested Model.

The aim of "The Lab" Forex Anatomy Private Trading Community is to give you a rock solid education on forex trading, and introduce you to a pattern of forex market analysis that few blogs and websites on the internet attempt to provide. We will teach you how to “dissect” the forex market for yourself, and pull out the vital concepts that are necessary for productive currency trading. Not only will you receive quality trading instruction, similar to the members mentioned above, but you will also receive trade signals & setups in 20+ currency pairs that will serve to confirm & validate what you will be learning in our self-paced curriculum. These signals & setups will only enhance your trading knowledge and will allow you to see how the Forex Anatomy trading model works in the real market. 

As you progress from month to month, you will learn some pretty advanced concepts that are unique to our private community ONLY. Unfortunately, you will not be able to learn any of these advanced trading techniques outside of this private community. These techniques & trading models are exclusive to our program only. We teach some very sophisticated risk management, as well as price action strategies that can place you in the top 5% of traders when you take the time to master them.

For instance, if you understand price behavior at an "anatomical" level, then you can predict where swings and turns in price will take place, almost to the exact pip or price. Watch the video below to see a live example of a trade that we entered using a strategy that you will learn inside of our private trading community.

Is It Possible To Predict Price Swings To The Pip?

(If You Want To Know The Answer, Then Watch The Video Below)

Starting today, for only $1, you can be taught trading models similar to the example above, and enter some of the exact trades we execute, while learning how we profitably trade the Forex market in 2018.

You can learn all of this inside of "The Lab" Online Trading Community!

Forex Anatomy Trading Lab Community

Join "The Lab" Forex Anatomy Private Trading Community: Your Complete A To Z Training Program And Trade Signal Provider That Shows You How To Properly Trade Forex Using Sophisticated Risk Management Strategies And Trading Techniques.

For the next 14 days, you will have the opportunity to get a sneak peak inside of "The Lab" Forex Anatomy Trading Community for just $1.00, and fully utilize all of the features within this program. After the 14 day trial expires, you will be charged a monthly fee of $100, that will extend your enrollment and will give you continued access to all of our Trade Setups and Alerts, Weekly Outlook Videos, Training Vault & Curriculum, Live Webinar Sessions, Trading Video Archive, Free Online Trading Journal (Diary), Community Forum, Homework Assignments, Quizzes, 24 Hour Customer Support, and so much more!

So, we encourage you to join the 14-day trial and test this program out for an initial fee of $1.00 by clicking on the order button below.

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