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Where Is EUR/USD Headed? – Technical Tuesday

I hope you’re having a wonderful start to your trading week by being a disciplined trader.

September and October are historically recognized as the best months for trading the financial markets, spot currencies and the FX market.


We just ended the “summer doldrums”, which is the trading season when most traders encounter significant draw-downs or major losses in their trading account. It’s the toughest trading season of the year.

I’ve recently heard of a well-respected trader, who I used to admire, encounter an 80% draw-down in his trading account this year, during the months of July and August. Now, I seriously hope your trading losses weren’t this bad. But, if they were, then you need to seriously consider joining our private trading community.

If you have encountered a draw-down in your account, then the good news is that it’s possible to reclaim all of your losses from this year’s “summer doldrums”, in a matter of weeks.  And, in today’s “Technical Tuesday” trading session, we share 2 potential trade ideas that can help you reclaim some of your trading losses.


During this week’s “Technical Tuesday” Analysis Session, we provide a brief overview of the inter-day price dynamics in the EUR/USD and USD/JPY currency pairs, and offer various trade scenarios with projected targets that could form within the next few sessions.


We started the webinar with a 18 minute analysis of the EUR/USD currency pair, and discussed the likelihood of EUR/USD falling lower due to our long term bearish bias. We also briefly shared about the symmetrical, harmonic nature of the market and how you can use market symmetry to identify some trade ideas for currency pairs such as the EUR/USD.



Next, we discussed the USD/JPY currency pair and revealed a nice head and shoulder (topping) trade opportunity that should produce a bearish slide to the downside. We revealed the exact structure zone where you should execute this short/sell as well as how to enter this trade.


We briefly talk about this in today’s “Technical Tuesday” trading session.


If you missed today’s “Technical Tuesday” session, you can watch the recording of the session at the video posted above. Or, you can tap on the following link that will explain where the EUR/USD Is Headed.


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