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Technical Tuesday 4-23-2019 – Trading Low Liquidity Environments

I hope you are having another great start to a fresh week of trading.

During this week’s “Technical Tuesday” Analysis Session, we provided a brief overview of the inter-day price dynamics in the EUR/USD and USD/JPY currency pairs, and offered trade scenarios that could be forming at the start of the week.


Both currency majors exhibited little movement prior to the start of the US Trading Session, with both pairs struggling to gain directional bias amid relatively thin liquidity conditions following the long Easter holiday. The lack of sufficient volatility and benign price behavior encouraged most investors to sit on the sideline and wait for a catalyst to boost market activity. If you want to learn how to trade low liquidity environments, make sure you watch today’s technical analysis session below.



Although prices appeared reluctant to break out of their tight consolidated ranges, the technical picture continues to point toward a long US dollar bias, with the EUR/USD sliding lower upon the break of a bearish flag setup, and the USD/JPY surging higher in trend continuation. We have been in short/sell position in EUR/USD for the past few trading sessions, and it was approaching our Take Profit target at 1.1209 during the webinar.


Update: Price already hit our modified target of 1.1209 on EUR/USD, resulting in a total gain of 23.76% for this single position.


I am confident that this “Technical Tuesday” Session will teach you something new and will powerfully impact your trading from this point on. If you need some solid trade ideas, then make sure you watch today’s Technical Tuesday video as soon as you can.


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