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How To Trade EUR/USD Correction – Technical Tuesday

I hope you’re approaching the market with much patience and discipline, executing high probability trades that work towards increasing your trading account.

As I mentioned on last week, October is historically recognized as the best month for day trading financial markets like spot Fx or currencies. Since today marks the 1st trading day of this new month (October) and the fourth quarter (Q4), I am expecting to find and execute some rewarding trades in the 20 currency pairs that I have in my personal watchlist.


Now as a visitor of, you will always be given a few trade ideas on both the EUR/USD and USD/JPY that you can prepare to execute for the week. However, you won’t have access to all of the high probability trade scenarios that we identify in other currency pairs on a daily basis.  Although this is the case, you can still perform well by simply embracing the technical analysis advice that we share with you on EUR/USD and USD/JPY, from our Weekly “Technical Tuesday” Sessions. And, that is exactly what we plan to show you in Today’s Technical Analysis video.


In today’s “Technical Tuesday” trading session, we share 2 potential trade ideas that can help you grow your trading account. We also provide some good education….IMO. If you missed today’s “Technical Tuesday” session, you can watch the recording below.


In our “Technical Tuesday” session, we analyzed the EUR/USD currency pair and discussed the likelihood of EUR/USD falling lower due to our long term bearish bias. But, we also explained how we’re anticipating a nice bullish correction to the upside, providing us an opportunity to exploit a solid sell trade on the EUR/USD. This selling opportunity should take place shortly. If price does retrace higher to the 1.0920/1.0940 area or zone, we will look for a quick selling opportunity before we see price expand even higher on the EUR/USD.


We also briefly shared about the symmetrical, harmonic nature of the market and how you can use market symmetry to identify some trade ideas for currency pairs such as the EUR/USD.  Next, we discussed the USD/JPY currency pair and revealed a nice ascending channel that price was respecting. However, recently we had a breakdown of this ascending channel, as price fell strongly to the downside. We briefly explained exactly what you should do if you see this breakdown take place.


But, I hope you get a lot of value from watching this Technical Tuesday Analysis Session. If you need some solid trade ideas, then make sure you watch today’s Technical Tuesday video as soon as you can.

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