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Forex Anatomy Is Here And At Your “Disposal”

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Okay, we have finally done it.

I and my brother have decided to create a blog that will cover a plethora of topics in the Forex market and in other financial markets. We’ve been going back and forth on whether we should do this or not. Well, today is the day where we launch to the world and we are excited about what the future holds.

First off, I welcome you to Forex Anatomy, a blog that will provide information, news, and insight on how to dissect and “break apart” the Forex market like a human cadaver. Trading the currency market, at times, requires the same level of patience, focus, and skill that a surgeon or scientist needs in order to make a proper incision into a human body. If you lack the focus, patience, as well as skill, you won’t sloppily cut a human body, but you’ll messily cut your bank account fast.

Over the years, I’ve seen plenty of traders decimate their entire trading accounts due to a lack of knowing how to properly trade the market and respond to losses. This is the main reason why we started this blog. We want to be a helpful resource for those who struggle trading the Forex market. I know how it feels to lose a lot of money in this market. And I want to help you bounce back from your losses and start winning again.

On the contrary, I’ve seen a good number of success stories as well. The greatest story involves Helen, a single mother who is one of our VIP members from the trading community. When she first started trading the Forex market, she knew absolutely nothing about trading currencies. She didn’t even know what a pip was and how to read the charts.

But right now, she is one of our best students and she now has a consistent track record of ending every month in profit. Helen trades Forex full time, and makes 6 figures a year from it. The best thing about it, is that she is able to stay at home, and provide the love and life that her children deserves.

So I say all of this to welcome you to this blog. Please stop by frequently if you can.

Also, if you are interested in learning the same “stuff” Helen learned in order to become a consistently profitable Forex trader, click right here to download and watch our free video report.

Thanks and have a blessed day of trading!

Melvin Perry

“May The Force(Trend) Be With You”

About the Author Melvin Perry

Melvin Perry has been trading the Forex market since 2010. Like his brother, he attended the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign and graduated with a BS in Bioengineering in 2002. Although an active trader, he spends most of his time reading the Bible, studying the markets and providing content for this blog. He also does an average of two training webinars a week with the Slumdog Forex VIP community.