How to Use This FREE Forex Signaling Service!

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VIDEO #1: Welcome & Setup Video

NOTE: Make sure you download The Telegram Messager App on your mobile device first, before you download the desktop version of the app. To access our trading signals and setups directly to your mobile device or computer, please click on the link below to join our Telegram Channel.

EUR/USD Forex Anatomy Trade Signals Channel

VIDEO #2: My Recommended Forex Broker & Why I Use Them.

Please Note: Using the broker that we recommend is not a requirement for using our trade signals and setups. However, if you want to use the advance risk mitigation strategies that will help you lose less than your pre-defined risk (1% or 2%), while simultaneously making much more on each position, then it is advised that you use that broker or a similar one, and become a premium member of "The Lab" for $1.00.

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How to Correctly Use This Signaling Service to Manage Risk.

In this video, you'll learn an easy-to-follow  method for executing each of our trade signals the right way,  using proper risk management procedures.

To Learn More About The Forex Anatomy Private Trading Community, And How You Can Join For $1, Please Click On The Image Below.

Forex Anatomy Trading Community - The Lab

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At, we are concerned about your growth & development as a trader. We are willing to invest as much time & resources to help you get started...including giving you a phone call!

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