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​Welcome to PART TWO (2) of this beginner course on Forex Basics - Introduction To Currency Trading,  presented by Forex Anatomy. On this page, we will give you access to Videos 3 & 4, which will introduce you to the science of currency pairs, and how to register for a broker account.​ The goal of this section is to help lay the groundwork for your education with some simple, yet important lessons in the FX market. If you want to continue your Forex Market Education, then consider joining our trading community called "The Lab"  by following the details below.

video #3 - ​Science of Currencies & Currency Pairs

Lesson Summary: ​Understanding Currencies

​In this third video tutorial, we continue our teaching on currency pairs by describing the mechanisms that allow for capital flow from one economy into the next. We will also provide a brief summary of the ​global currency hierarchy, isolating the major & minor instruments that can be traded within the Forex market space. ​By the end of this tutorial, you should know the three categories that currency pairs can be classified under, and how to synthetically create a currency instrument for maximized profit.

Lesson 3 Homework Assignment...

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video #4 - ​registering for a broker

Lesson Summary: ​How To Register With A Broker

​In the fourth video tutorial, ​we will explain the two essential features & qualities that every good forex broker & trading account must have to ensure reliability & credibility with service. We will  also walk you through the initial steps of the registration process with our preferred broker, and also list a few other forex brokers that you can sign up for.​ By the end of this tutorial, you should be able to select a forex trading broker & account, and complete registration for a demo/practice account.

Lesson 4 Homework Assignment...

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Video #1

​What is The Forex Market?

Video #2

​What is Forex Trading?

Video #3

​Science of Currency Pairs

Video #4

​Register with FX Broker

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