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The Sad and Disheartening Truth About Currency Trading in 2020

I plan to share an honest truth about day trading that few trading educators ever reveal to their students. This will be a long email, filled with the “God-honest” truth that may give you a brand new perspective on how to approach the business of day trading. After reading this article, some of you may […]

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Global Markets Struggle to Stay Firm On Risk Aversion

The first few trading days of 2020 have provoked financial markets to march to the beat of war drums, as last week’s US drone strike & assassination of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani is causing risk-oriented assets to sell-off in a round of risk aversion. As geo-political tensions intensify between the US & Iran, safe haven […]

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Gold and US Dollar modestly unchanged With No FOMC Surprise

The outcome of today’s Federal Open Market Committee’s (FOMC) statement was to no surprise for many investors, as the FED did what was expected and kept interest rates and the U.S. monetary policy unchanged. This was Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen’s final FOMC meeting as presiding Chair of the Federal Reserve. The statement provided an upbeat […]

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My Recommended Forex Trading Resource For 2016.

Before I start rambling, I want to first wish all of you a Very Happy, Healthy & Prosperous New Year!  I am so excited about all of the changes coming in the new year and I hope you are just as excited as well. For some of you, 2015 was a very challenging and stress-filled […]

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How To Take Advantage of “Lifeless” Forex Market During Holidays

Since we’re at the close of the year, most banking institutions and hedge funds are limiting their transactions in the forex market. We won’t see much volatility and price movement over the next few days, since investors are still on vacation and traders are sitting on the sideline, waiting for Forex volume to return. So, […]

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Forex Anatomy Is Here And At Your “Disposal”

Currency Market Insight For Traders

Okay, we have finally done it. I and my brother have decided to create a blog that will cover a plethora of topics in the Forex market and in other financial markets. We’ve been going back and forth on whether we should do this or not. Well, today is the day where we launch to […]

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