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Japanese Yen Gains Ahead of Key Event Risk

I hope you’re having a wonderful start to your trading week by being a disciplined trader. During this week’s “Technical Tuesday” Analysis Session, we provide a brief overview of the inter-day price dynamics in the EUR/USD and USD/JPY currency pairs, and offer various trade scenarios with projected targets that could form within the next few […]

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EUR/USD Trend Continuation Sell Opportunity Forming

There may be a potential sell opportunity forming on the EUR/USD. On Wednesday of last week, price expanded higher on this pair after the sell off of USD due to Wednesday’s FOMC announcement. This push higher caused the pair to breakout of a daily descending channel. However, on last Thursday and Friday, we saw US […]

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Technical Tuesday 3-5-2019 – When Will USD/JPY Turn Lower?

Technical Tuesday

I hope you are having an awesome start to your trading week. After taking a week off of our Technical Tuesday Live Analysis session, we decided to get right back at it and share with you exactly what we are expecting will happen in both the EUR/USD and USD/JPY currency pairs.   The session went […]

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USDCHF May Be Expanding Lower After Testing Supply

There may be a potential sell opportunity forming on the USD/CHF. Ever since January 9th, 2019, the bulls have been pushing this pair higher, creating higher highs and higher lows due to good US fundamentals and signs of economic softening or slowdown coming out of the European Union. The USD/CHF climb higher has recently found […]

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Potential Bullish Rotation On EUR/CAD At Strong Support

There may be a potential buy opportunity forming on the EUR/CAD. For the entire month of January 2019, the euro has been sliding lower against the Canadian dollar, making lower lows and lower highs while trapped inside a descending channel.  This technical pattern has been maintained by underlying fundamentals surrounding on-going softness in Eurozone economic […]

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Why Over 80% of Wealthy Forex Traders Trade The EUR/USD Now

The Forex market has been widely known as a high risk market where you can earn very good money, especially if you know how to position your trades correctly and manage risk. Over the years, I’ve met a good number of highly successful and profitable currency traders. A few of them are real Forex millionaires […]

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8 Traits In The DNA of a Successful Forex Trader

successful trading dna

The Forex market is an ever-changing entity, where each day presents us with different and unique scenarios for trading the market. In other words, no two days are exactly the same. The way the market moves today, will be different from how the market moves tomorrow or 2 days from today. Therefore, we must understand […]

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How To Use The MACD Indicator Like A Pro Trader

macd indicator

The MACD indicator is a popular oscillator indicator that will give you an ideal on when momentum is shifting and when a trend reversal could possibly take place. As currency traders, we should always trade on the side of the trend. We do not want to fight against the trend and find ouselves on the […]

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Forex Anatomy Is Here And At Your “Disposal”

Currency Market Insight For Traders

Okay, we have finally done it. I and my brother have decided to create a blog that will cover a plethora of topics in the Forex market and in other financial markets. We’ve been going back and forth on whether we should do this or not. Well, today is the day where we launch to […]

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