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Do you find yourself losing all of the time as a currency trader? Do you want to break that “loser’s habit”? If so, then join our FREE Course and learn a unique strategy for managing EUR/USD and USD/JPY high probability positions in the currency market. provides traders with a simplified, yet insightful, introduction to many of the complex and profit-creating strategies of investment within the financial markets. Our free E-Courses & Videos, will help new traders “dissect” the forex market, and analyze all of the “vital” components(organs) that are necessary for productive trading.

Marvin Perry,  Full-Time Active FX Trader & Instructor


We Will Help You Dissect The Forex Market Pip By Pip


Brand New To Forex?

Just starting to trade the Forex market? If so, Forex Anatomy has a solid collection of free educational content that will provide any novice trader with the basics of trading the FX spot market, which includes understanding volatility, and managing risk in the currency market. Whether you want to do scalping for shorter term results, or trade the daily chart on the long term, we will provide each visitor, at every level, with the help and guidance that they need to trade this market effectively.


We Write Articles Every Week

Our goal at Forex Anatomy is to be one of the top resources or providers of Forex content on the web. Whether it’s news or content on a particular trading strategy, or content about macro-fundamentals & economic data, we want to assist you in whatever way that we can, to succeed as a currency trader. Also, if there is a particular article, video, or content piece that you would like for us to create and post on this site, then please let us know and we will get it done.


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If you want to take your Forex Trading proficiency to the next level and receive advance information on trading the currency market and hedging your forex profits via exotic options, then we are definitely the program that you should consider joining. Our special VIP trading community gives you the opportunity to see us trade spot and currency options live. If you are interested in joining this apprenticeship, then Click Here For More Details..


5 Video Lessons

Forex Market Basics

Whether you are a completely new trader or an experienced trader, you will still need to master the basics. The goal of this section is to help lay the groundwork for your education with some simple, yet important lessons surrounding the forex market.

8 Video Lessons

Trade Execution & Exits

This course will teach basic trade order types so that you can properly execute smarter position trades each day including market, limit and stop orders while highlighting some key tactics and tips you can use today.

15 Video Lessons

Real Case Studies

Detailed look at some of our winning and losing trades broken down by date, time, and price so you can follow along step by step and learn our process of approaching positions in the market. You will learn why some trades worked, and why some failed.

Read Stories From Our Past Students

Daniel Joslin Connecticut

As soon as I joined the Forex Anatomy community, their help desk was able to answer all of my questions quickly. I was able to adjust my way of looking at the market and use their trading model to make money consistently.

Brian Williams Indiana

I've been trading for a little over two years, but have only been a part of this group for about half that time. I am absolutely convinced that joining this group was the best decision I’ve ever made!!

Darrell Collier Mississippi

I've had the absolute best days of trading these past few days than I ever had and it was only in one currency pair!! My outlook has completely changed. I'm a more patient, relaxed trader and I owe that to our teachers Mr. Marvin and Mr. Melvin Perry.

Peggy Vallecillo Maryland

I've known Marvin and Melvin for years, and what I really love about them is their complete honesty & transparency during the live trading webinars. They hold nothing back from their students. They actually show everything to us!


Why Forex Anatomy Is Your Premier Gathering Spot For Trading Education?


The instructors, writers, and team of traders at take your FX trading education very seriously, and have provided a healthy learning environment, through their weekly live trading webinars, and private instructional sessions, that will make learning to trade the forex market simple and understandable. From week to week, Forex Anatomy will deliver quality trading knowledge in the areas of:

  • Chart AnalysisTrend Data.
  • Price Action Analysis.
  • Inter-Market Analysis by interpreting the effects of commodities, bonds, and equities on the Forex market.
  • Fundamental Factors that influence Price Dynamics in currencies.
  • Central Bank Intervention Through Monetary Policy.


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